Day 2. Waking up early without dreaming #sol19

slice-of-life_individualMarch 2nd:

7:38 am. Sitting in front of my computer, filled with mixed ideas in Spanish and English.

Yesterday I went to bed overwhelmed. How can I keep up with this challenge when my daily life is pretty much the same every day? How do professional writers do to nurture their imagination? I didn’t want to cheat with this challenge either. I didn’t want to write 31 slices ahead of time and set them to be published one per each day of March. I can’t say that I didn’t think about it, though. Each day brings you up with different moods and perspectives and I am looking forward to the outcomes of that. So, I will pass that temptation.

I went to bed with the firm intention of dreaming, waking up and remembering what I dreamed, and write about it. It didn’t happen. At 6:30 am my golfer husband was up and about. I opened my eyes and asked for the time. I realized I was not going to sleep anymore.

Since I woke up early, I had the chance to listening to the Spanish morning. I hear roosters, not one but many, and some random dogs barking. My neighbor took off early in his motorbike. Our wiener dogs, Clyde and Buck, are still sleepy, and don’t bother to get out of their bucket when I entered the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Ralph, our tabby cat is on top of the couch watching through the window the sun getting up, while Lola is scratching a corner of it. She doesn’t know how much I hate she does that. Maybe I should spray the couch with lemon essential oil. I read that cats have a natural aversion to citrus odors.

I went outside, and noticed that daisies are still asleep. Some birds are chirping in a murmur or maybe already gossiping. I run down the alley to take a photo of the sun rising over Sevilla. My husband took off and now my dogs are whining. 8:22 am Time to feed them and get on with my life away from the computer. 8:50 am.  I am still thinking with dread of clicking the publish button.