Day 3. Double challenge…#SOL19 #SOLSC

slice-of-life_individualMarch 3rd:

In the Alliende family we have a motto: “Why make things easy when you can make them more difficult“, which is by the way,  the complete opposite  of the McCann family motto (the McCanns are my husband’s family). So you can imagine the type of advise my kids have received so far.

Today it was too beautiful to stay indoors, and knowing myself, I knew if I fire up the computer, I was going to spend the entire day in front of it. Besides, it is warmer outside my house than inside. I decided to use my handwriting and sketching skills (if you can call them skills), and have an analog slice for today. The only condition that I put on myself was that I couldn’t use anything but my brain and hands. No googling words to double check their spelling or search for synonyms. Lessons learned: surrounded and not an hesitant scratchy sourrended,  awkward, not akward, whether and not wether,  suspiciously and not suspisiously. Should have I used skip or skipped? What other word can I use instead of coloring? And probably a lot more. It was harder than I thought, but I did it!

PS: My phone, my computer and the internet are making my brain really lazy. I should write more often without them.

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19 thoughts on “Day 3. Double challenge…#SOL19 #SOLSC

  1. What a creative way to slice! I often feel like a slave to the computer (especially in March), so thank you for the reminder that we can try out new things! I hope that you enjoy the sunshine and warm weather too!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I love this idea of an analog slice! I love writing and always have a journal with me to hand write journal entries and to do lists and poems. I’m inspired by your idea and may try my hand at a screen/WiFi free slicing session this month. I also totally resonate with the motto “why make things easy when you can make them more difficult”. That is my own personal motto as well.

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  3. I love that you shared your notebook–I should share slices this way once in a while since I often write things out in my notebook before posting them on my blog. And the colors and sketches are fun!

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  4. As always I ennjoy so much your stories. Me encanta leer tus escritos que me inspirar a ver el mundo cotidiano de una manera tan única. Love you amiga!!!!


  5. I enjoyed your post and wonder how using the notebook and graphics helped you develop your piece. Did you know it would be about your dad when you started? Your dad sounds a lot like my dad – he and my mom kept many of their European habits. We sat down for breakfast when I was growing up (my mom set the table the night before, ha, ha) and lunch was a big deal.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I never thought it was going to be about my dad. He passed away last June, so his presence is still fresh, but it was the moment I started coloring that I remembered him. Funny tricks that our mind plays on us. When his children left home, my dad didn’t loosen up. My mom hated to sit down at the table at dinner time (because she was the one that needed to set the table and such. When we were around we helped her). She was always trying to convince my dad “to have a picnic” on a tray, and watch a movie on TV. I can count with the fingers of my hands the time my dad agreed to this. He didn’t like “picnics” or leftovers hahaha. Being the fourth of eleven kids, and being sent at early age to a looming boarding school, probably has something to do with his behavior.


  6. Nifty reminder and example about what can happen we change the medium we use to communicate. Bravo to you for making intentional room for your creativity. Your slice today reminds me of sketchnoting, which I enjoy as a note-taking alternative that combines words with pictures.

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    1. Thanks Brian! I love sketchnoting also, but I am not very good at drawing so I might miss an entire conference if I start sketchnoting. I do it though when I need to summarize something, and need a brake from the computer. It forces me to brain storm, and put on a paper my ideas in a less linear way.


    1. Thanks Stacey for taking the time to comment, especially when you are so busy monitoring all of us!!! I am really enjoying this challenge and I am very grateful for all you and the two writing teachers´team are doing.


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