Day 12. Points of view #SOL19 #SOLSC

slice-of-life_individualMarch 12th:


I hate to ask you this Matilde, but where am I at?

I knew I wasn´t at home, not even in Spain, but I didn´t have the foggiest idea what have just happened.

We are in California, ma. At Rich and Karen´s place.

I tried to focus and recall my thoughts but I couldn´t. I felt helpless. Probably this is the feeling people get in the early stages of Alzheimer.

—Do I have health insurance?

Then I looked at my son who was glued to his phone.

My daughter’s:

OK mom, we are going to take an Uber home— I said after I followed all the protocol I learned from my first responder training.

Me cai? Me caí? Did I fall? She asked for the nth time. I couldn’t help laughing. She was so out of herself, or maybe too much of herself was condensed in a fraction of a minute.

No, no, no —she insisted. I think I can bike home and maybe then rest.

She tried to get up, but then dropped on the ground immediately and gave up. Ok, maybe we can take an Uber.

I asked my brother to get one on his phone. My credit card has been rejected in my account.

My son’s:

I took the wrong path to avoid the slant. My mom was just behind me. I hoped she saw it and didn´t fall. I knew it was just wishful thinking when I heard my sister yelling at me. Stop, Vincent. Mom fell. I turned back my bike and watched them talking while I frantically googled on my phone: “What to do when a person lost her memory.”

Mom! Are you teasing us? Matilde, this is bad, really bad. 

My husband’s:

Thwack!  That last drive was a beauty. He creamed it. Right in the middle of the fairway. He loved the sound of the clubhead and ball at the precise moment of impact.  It was a perfect blow.  It gave him extreme comfort to find the dead centre of the clubface, and then watch the ball fly and hear its sound cutting the air. The day was a little overcast but his body was warm. He looked at his watch. Almost 4 pm. Perfect. He will have time for a little nap before his wife and children arrive from their biking ride to China Camp Park.


Note: Nobody was seriously injured in this event and it was no need to go to the hospital or claim my health insurance. The following is the piece of advise my daughter gave me when I complained of pain for the remaining of our vacation:  You need to face it mom. These things happen when you mountain bike. You fall, it hurts, and then you recover. You are old and it might take a little bit longer to heal up but you are going to be fine. Stop being a drama queen.

No sympathy for the Queen of Hearts. I am so glad that now I can just chuckle when I remember my first mountain bike fall last January.