Day 16. Birthday Twins #sol19 #solsc

slice-of-life_individualMarch 16th:

One was born almost in Spring, the other at the doorways of Autumn.

One was the awaited first child, the other the second of eleven siblings.

Both married.

One has seven children, the other three.

One lost her husband when she was 46, the other husband is still alive.

One lives in the North, one used to live in the South (according to Mercator)

One worked as a nurse, the other one volunteered at hospitals.

One didn’t meet me until I was 30, but since then she has always sent me handwritten birthdays cards.

The other gave me birthday presents every year, always telling me that they were just una tonterita while I  thought that they were awesome. It made me feel bad since I seldom give her something for her birthday.

Both sweet, strong and weak, firm and insecure hard workers.

Submissive on the surface, ferocious as lioness on the core. Aren’t we all like that?

One was born on a Wednesday, the other one on a Friday.

One was born the year of the Tiger, the other of the Dragon

One was born in a year were February had 28 days, the other on a leap year

One is turning 81, the other would have been 91.

29,585 days old, the other 33,237.

Ten years apart, living in so different worlds but somewhat similar.

I couldn’t find anyone famous born March 16, 1938. The other one was born the same day as Wakanohana Kanji I, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 45th Yokozuna.

One is my husband’s mom, the other my father’s oldest sister.

Happy birthday to my mother-in-law on Earth and my godmother on Heaven!

10 thoughts on “Day 16. Birthday Twins #sol19 #solsc

    1. Thank you so much. I just woke up thinking about them and thought I should write something about the fact they birthday is the same day. I always wonder if having a birthday the same day connect you with that person . BTW, yes one is my mother in-law (always the first one) and the second one is my aunt and godmother, my dad’s sister. 😜


  1. The way you experiment with different structure in your posts is always so interesting, Pia. I’m hoping to feature you later this month (on TWT) as inspiration. Love the way you compare these two important people in this post!

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    1. Thanks Lanny, you just made my day since I was feeling a little blue today. This challenge is like my Thursday Writing Workshop and from April and on it will be in my life the rest of the year as my real good news Tuesdays ✍️✍️✍️

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  2. Love the comparisons here! Your title was demanding my attention and I was not disappointed! So many beautiful lines here: “Both sweet, strong and weak, firm and insecure hard workers.” So telling…

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  3. The way you unpack the coincidental birthday of two people close to you in this almost-poem proves fun and poignant. Like Lanny, I marvel at the variety with which you approach writing. I arrive at your blog, looking forward to what I’ll find since it’s unpredictable.

    Liked by 1 person

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