Day 18. Please, don’t touch me with your feet. It gives me the creeps #sol19 #solsc

slice-of-life_individualMarch 18th:

—Please, no, not tonight.

— Go away! I want to sleep!

—How many times do I have to tell you that you are really annoying? Go away!

— Aaaaghhh!! Get out!

—Please, don’t touch me with your feet. It gives me the creeps

— I don’t understand you. It doesn’t matter how many times I push you out of my side, you keep insisting. I don’t know if you are masochistic or sadistic. Leave me alone! I am starting to have a headache. My body can’t stand your body on top of me.

—I can’t breath! Please, get out.

—Ok, that’s enough!



I roll over, hoping for not more disturbances. I was a little bit concerned because my last slap was kind of a briskly reaction.

—That’s it! I can stand your body, your feet, your breath but…

—No, no, no. Please tell me that this is not real…

—How can he sleep?

—Please, anything but kneading…I know its your way of showing me your love, but I dont’ need it now…especially when you extend your claws, and you are doing it on my face. I am not even a cat person!
— Prrrrrrrrr
— Ok. Fine. Whatever. Good night!

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Lola. Don’t fool yourself for her sweet appearance.

16 thoughts on “Day 18. Please, don’t touch me with your feet. It gives me the creeps #sol19 #solsc

  1. Haha! You capture the relentless but loving ways of your cat so well here! It never ceases to amaze me how determined they can be to do all the things you describe. Interesting and fun way to format writing, too! Puts readers right in the moment… thanks!

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  2. For a minute there I thought I was going to suggest marriage counseling! Ha!
    Oh the cat kneading, so annoying when one is trying to sleep.
    Great post.

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  3. I like the cat slices during this March. The cats are determined to do what they want, find the best place to sleep, and show who is the boss.

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  4. This is so funny! I love that it was the cat at the end….I was thinking it was your husband the whole time! I can’t relate to the pet, but I understand the restlessness! Great Slice!

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  5. Hahahaha right away I thought of my dog! I often think about how funny it is that I make myself uncomfortable because my DOG is in the bed. He has some ridiculous bed habits like sleeping up by the pillows, kicking me, poking at me and kneading me to get me to lift the covers so he can go under. Thanks for the laugh!

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