Day 25. Proud mamá on the road again… #sol19 #solsc


March 25th

In an hour I am taking off to the States. I am so excited. I will be arriving for my daughter’s 23rd birthday. I haven’t celebrated a birthday with her since she turned 18 in 2014, when she graduated from high school in Spain. This year she will be graduating from VCU. I am so proud of her. Double mayor, Economics and Political Science, and a minor in Arabic. On top of that, and I think for this she should receive a huge certificate, she is graduating with no debt, and very little help from us. She worked relentless hours one year prior to college and during all her four college years. Some weeks she was working 30 hours besides her classes and study. There are no words that can reflect how proud I am of her.

Matilde, you are my Star


Strong since day one

Mama’s pride

9 thoughts on “Day 25. Proud mamá on the road again… #sol19 #solsc

  1. Credit to the kids. As a parent, I believe that debt can be one of the most destructive forces in the life of a young person. At 20+ years of age, young people should have open horizons. Debt narrows the horizons and sometimes provides only one solitary, gloomy and rocky road forward. I hate to say it, but it may be that for some undergraduate degrees, the cost of going to a University outweighs the benefits. Education is always good, and there are many other benefits involved with a young person going to the University, it is just too bad that the education is being turned into a investment security on Wall Street, shouldered on the backs of our young people.


    1. Thanks, Brian! I am safe and sound in the US but with no luggage hahaha. Hopefully shows up since I was bringing my daughter her precious collection of Harry Potter books that she left home when she first went to college.


  2. I hope that you had a great trip back to the states and that you enjoy your time here! It is beyond obvious how proud you are of your daughter and what a great way to celebrate her wonderful accomplishments! Congrats to her!

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