Day 30. Tiredness is a good feeling #sol19 #solsc

slice-of-life_individualMarch 30th

Only 2 days…the Slice of Story challenge is winding down, many people are on Spring break trying to squeeze the last minutes of relaxation to the max, slices are shorter and comments on my own blog are skimpier. It seems that everybody is tired. Some teachers are also preparing for April’s classroom Slice of Story challenge. Wow. That’s really commendable.

I am not the exception. I am tired but in a good way. It’s like when I go for a long bike ride and all my muscles ache and I am worn out to the point that I can’t rest. Suddenly, the whole body gives up and collapsescollapses . But feels good.

Now it´s almost 1 am of March 30th. I will have a busy day. My daughter of 23 years old decided to celebrate her birthday as she was 5. We went biking together to the supermarket, bought candies for the piñata, hot-dogs, ice-cream, and some goodies. I am making a hand made piñata remembering the ones I made when she and her brother were little. I just made a cake that tomorrow I have to put layers of strawberry jam and dulce de leche that I still need to find somewhere. And the frosting, and finishing the piñata. Oh, and we are going to raft the James river in the morning. And is almost 1 am. And I am tired, but it´s a good tiredness, the kind that leaves you feeling good..

13 thoughts on “Day 30. Tiredness is a good feeling #sol19 #solsc

  1. I love the throw away, “Oh, and we are going to raft the James river in the morning.” It’s great to be reminded of how lucky we are to be so busy. Enjoy the day…and going to bed once it’s all over.

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  2. I bit. I saw the photo of Mati on the tri-wheel with the “upside down ‘OK’ hand signal”. And I had to look it up. So, if I understand, since I looked and bit, now she gets to punch me in the shoulder next time she sees me. I vaguely remember this game way back in elementary school. Mati got me. Have lots of fun today!!

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  3. I love this kind of tired too, it always makes me feel accomplished and grateful. It sounds like a great day is planned. Enjoy!


  4. Ah, those “good tired” feelings…probably makes you feel satisfied! This line: “My daughter of 23 years old decided to celebrate her birthday as she was 5.” That has to make you feel good! The close relationship you share with her is evident in your writing. How fun that you were there to help make her day special!


  5. “And I am tired, but it´s a good tiredness, the kind that leaves you feeling good.” I just love this line so much. This challenge has so many peaks and valleys and you will feel like you have hiked to the top of the world when it is completed tomorrow! I hope that you enjoy your remaining time in the states!

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  6. “I am tired but in a good way.” I love this line! Too often, we focus on the negative things that make us tired, but I love how you reminded us that we can be tired from all of the great things going on in our lives and that this is something to celebrate.

    Your daughter’s birthday celebrations sound like so much fun! My mouth started to water as I read about the cake that you needed to frost. It sounds delicious!

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    1. Thanks Jennifer. The birthday party was a lot of fun! I have to say my daughter is a great and funny host (very unbias opinion) Today we had another busy day. I watched my daughter participating in an Enduro MTB race. You cannot believe how hard it was. I didn’t do anything and I am “good tired.”

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  7. There are *definitely* different flavors of tiredness, and I felt the good kind just reading all the details of what you’ve been up to as March closes. Here’s hoping you enjoy some down time — ‘good rest’ — when you’re ready.

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