Day 31. Saying goodbye is like dying a little #sol19

slice-of-life_individualMarch 31st

Partir, c’est mourir un peu,
Partir es morir un poco
Parting is dying a little

Edmond Haraucourt

Goodbye Virginia, welcome Oregon

Goodbye daughter, welcome son

Goodbye Winter, welcome Spring

Goodbye March, welcome April

Goodbye English, welcome Spanish

Goodbye parties, welcome solitude

Goodbye Richmond, welcome Redmond

Goodbye James river, welcome Deschutes

Goodbye weekend, welcome new working week

Goodbye full house, welcome empty home

Goodbye cold days, welcome warm and flowers

Goodbye warm days, welcome still cold and snow

Goodbye refrigerator full of food of different people’s taste, welcome abandoned refrigerator with nothing

Goodbye Mati’s thrifty red car, welcome gas eater white  pickup

Goodbye writer’s block, welcome inspiration

Goodbye faithful commentators, welcome random visitors

Goodbye welcome wagon volunteers, welcome me to the cart

Goodbye Slice of Life story challenge, welcome Classroom SOLSC

Goodbye Slice of Life story challenge, it has been a pleasure, welcome in search for a job challenge, it will be exciting

Parting is dying a little, arriving insufflates life.

I did it! Thanks for stopping by.




8 thoughts on “Day 31. Saying goodbye is like dying a little #sol19

  1. This is the perfect ending to a great month! I love the format and I have loved following your writing journey this month! I can’t wait to continue to read your posts (I always try to keep writing on Tuesdays although I am not great at it!) and I know I will see you here next March! Congratulations on a completing this challenge!

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  2. You’re so right – goodbyes ARE like dying a little. So – we shall not say it! I cheer for you, having completed this challenge, and onto your next, the Classroom Challenge. SO GLAD you’ll shoot for Tuesday SOL challenges, too! This was a lovely parting piece – I especially like “good-bye writer’s block, hello inspiration” – the thing is to KEEP GOING. Drop an idea that’s not “breathing” for one with more promising vital signs! (and go back to the other one later; it may revive). I’ve so enjoyed your posts, your warmth, your amazing encouragement. How lucky are they who are brought into your path. I am thankful be one of them. See you on Tuesdays – onward we go! 🙂

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    1. This is such an amazing comment. I am the lucky one that stumbled into your path. You are an incredible writer and inspiration. I hope you do all your writing plans. I am looking forward to be one of your readers.

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  3. Your poem reminds me of a line from the middle-grade novel by Christopher Paul Curtis: _Bud, Not Buddy_. The title character is advised, ‘When one door closes, another one opens.’ From a month of slices, I can attest your writing frequently opens unexpected doors for your readers and you. Keep writing, keep pedaling, Pia!

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