Day 3. Prompt 2. #SOL2020 Challenge #SOLSC


I touched the rifle with care, feeling every part of it with the tip of my fingers. It felt cold and enticing. All of a sudden, boom! The sound shook my bones. I had pulled the trigger .

Why was I there? Why was I dragged from my bed and put on a pickup for two hours? My dad thought it was going to be a good experience for me. We could have a bonding father/son moment despite the fact he knew I was born blind.

These are just the two paragraphs I managed to write in a Writers Write Workshop with Kim Fu at the Deschutes Public Library in October of last year. In this particular event, the author focused on character building and tips on how to create good, strong, full characters. She gave us several prompts. The one used in my pitiful two paragraphs was to think of a situation, and a person who was the least suited for it. The writing of the scene should explain why the person ended up in that situation. The workshop was only an hour and a half, and only ten minutes were given for this particular prompt. I felt pretty proud that I did come up with something anyway. Hearing the other wanna be writer’s stories left me thinking about small potatoes and massive oceans.

6 thoughts on “Day 3. Prompt 2. #SOL2020 Challenge #SOLSC

  1. 10 minutes?? I am thoroughly impressed. In those two “pitiful” paragraphs (again, written in 10 minutes!), you created a character, the tease of a story, and a relationship that has the nuances and complications of all relationships. I love the prompt & may borrow it to see what happens.

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    1. Thanks Debbie. I’m just realizing that people should read my post probably two or three days later. I have so many grammar errors. Last year was my first year at this challenge and I have lots of time to draft, review and rewrite. This year I’m in a time crunch. No time to review but after the deadline. This thought makes me think about our own students that probably are always doing homework in a time crunch. Importance of giving them time in class.

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  2. I appreciate that you shared both the story and the task behind it. I took a writing course last year and the tasks always gave an interesting result. Your two paragraphs had an element of surprise in the end. Well done for the short time that you had.

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