Day 4. My running buddy Buck #SOL2020 Challenge #SOLSC

slice-of-life_individualWhen I climbed in the car going back home from work I was exhausted. I don’t get too much time to sit down and relax when I am in school. I am tempted to run my Strava just to see how much I move between 7:30 am to whatever time I leave after 4:00 pm. My goal is trying to arrive home with light. Today it was 5 pm. I turned the engine and continued listening to Ghost by Jason Reynolds (and read awesomely by  Guy Lockhard). Have I told you that I love my public library?

By the time I arrived home, my body started to collapse.I thought I was not going to make it to the entryway. It was still light outside and it wasn’t cold. I should go for a run.I know it will pump me up, I thought.

As soon as I have my running shoes on, Buck, one of our wiener dogs, started to run back and forth,making so much noise that made Clyde, the other wiener dog, very excited, The problem is that Clyde can’t go for a run with me. He is 14 and blind. Still, he is an optimistic, and doesn’t like when he is left behind. Actually, it’s very sad to leave him whining. Sometimes I feel bad, and I get him to walk in circles, since is the only thing he can do. But if I want to get rid of weariness or stress, I can’t just walk in circles for 20 minutes (Clyde doesn’t like to walk on a leash so I let him lead the way).

I shushed Buck to quiet down and we sneaked outside. The air is cold and I need to put on the sweatshirt I was planning to wear on my shoulders. Slowly I start running. Slowly I start regaining energy. Slowly I am grateful I am running. Without Buck, my run wouldn’t be so interesting though. Buck is my hiking and running buddy. He has an endurance that not so many wiener dogs have. And he loves to climb. When we encounter difficult trails with big boulders, he looks at me like assessing the situation and then, like a ninja goat, he climbs by himself and is able to cross challenging obstacles for his tiny feet. Probably because Buck doesn’t like to be held, and would rather risk his back than let me carry him.

Buck is my running buddy.

Without him, run is kind of dull, and hiking more freighting. Buck keeps me company on my risky hikes and gives me assurance. Nonetheless, I know if I fall he is not going to look for help like those smart dogs in movies. Probably he would keep running and return home without me.

Still, he is my buddy.

The sun sets, and the road becomes dark and quiet. We can only hear our steps on the gravel, my breathing, and the hauling of dogs, wolves, bobcats, cougars and who knows what else. Buck was wise enough of running close. When we are 50 feet from home, he sprints and dashes inside through the doggie door, to get water and bark with the hope that my husband feeds him asap. What a life!

Buck at SteelheadFalls
Buck doesn’t like selfies