Day 5. What if … #SOL2020 Challenge #SOLSC


What if my sadness decides to disappear.

What if they raise the minimum wage.

What if my mother watches me from above and knows all my inner thoughts.

What if doggies understand all what we tell them. We would win the bully award of all times.

What if my stomach decides to laugh out loud or I go belly up.

What if I encounter a cougar in the middle of the night.

What if a cougar sees me without makeup.

What if autumn leaves decide to show up in the summer.

What if the submissive wife gets a divorce or even better, a lover.

What if the child gets caught in his legs.

What if the earth gets tired of rotating around the sun.

What if when we die we see where did they go all the things we lost during our lives.

What if all my socks could find their mates.

What if Trump decides to show his taxes.

What if I buy a lottery ticket for my friend and she wins it.

What if my district views school libraries as a system of people, services and collections.

What if we have invested in the wipes market.

What if I write without filters.

What if kindness gets contagious as the coronavirus.

What if we live happily ever after.

What if I recycle a draft post from last year to save my butt.