Day 6. Since last March…#SOL2020 Challenge #SOLSC

slice-of-life_individualI “borrowed” this form from Rita DiCarne, who”borrowed” it from Elisabeth Ellington who “borrowed” it from Fran McVeigh who based hers on Erin Baker‘s post. Whew. I thought I was not going to find the end of the thread. As a librarian, I am very pleased that people were giving credits to who they borrowed the form from.

Here I am now, joining the thread

Since last March

Since last March I have biked more than 1,500 miles. Thank you Strava for the approximate data.

Since last March I have biked around the cities of Richmond, Portland, Amsterdam, Sevilla, and Santiago, and many odds towns in Spain, Oregon and Florida.

Since last March I have biked in the Andes mountains, the Smith Rock State Park and the Apopka Park in Florida.

Since last March I have biked to work, to drama practice, to my writing club, to my chiropractor, and to one of my book clubs.

SInce last March I have biked in 107ºF and 19ºF.

Since last March I got my first and probably last tattoo (unless my son wants one also) to celebrate my daughter’s graduation.

Since last March I have seen my children more often than in the last five years.

Since last March I packed my entire house of ten years in cardboard boxes, and hosted the fifth moving sale of my life.

Since last March I attended a wedding in Chile and no funerals.

Since last March I was with my children in the most beautiful snow storm ever.

Since last March I participated in a play, two library conferences, three writing workshops, and four different book clubs.

Since last March I sent my resume in Central Oregon like Harry Potter letters in the sky. I declined an offer and accepted another.

Since last March I said goodbyes to too many friends from Spain, and said hello to many more that I haven’t seen in ten years.

Since last March I was in airplanes for 24 hours and crossed the Atlantic ocean with my running buddy.

Since last March my heart has been divided in three countries forever.

Snow storm at the Steelhead Falls of the Deschutes river  in Central Oregon




14 thoughts on “Day 6. Since last March…#SOL2020 Challenge #SOLSC

  1. I love the form! I want to use it too sometime. 🙂
    Wow, you’ve been to so many places and have so many good events, things and people in your life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mari. Last year was probably an exceptional “moving” year since we moved from Spain to Oregon. It involved a lot of planning and energy. By the end of writing my post, I was exhausted hahaha.


    1. Thank you! I am glad to see you around slicing this year 😉 You are right, one of the main reasons of moving was to have the children at least in the approximately same time zone.


  2. What an awesome year! And thanks for tracking down that format! It’s a fun, reflective view of time! So many great images contained in this post! Because weather fascinates me, this comparison stood out: “SInce last March I have biked in 107ºF and 19ºF.” That’s a huge range!


  3. I love this format. Sounds like there has been a whole lot of living and loving and travel since last March. Your last line intrigues me, it feels like it could be a post all its own!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Maybe I should start a slice with the last sentence, and just called it like that: Last sentence. Or maybe I should read the last sentence of other slices and see if they inspired me to start a new slice with the last sentence 😉 Thanks for the idea!


    1. Yes, Elisabeth. It was resting in my draft tab until I found the right moment to give it a try. I guess last year was a good year to use the form since I experienced so many changes in such a brief period of time.


  4. Wow, Pia, your list of travels, accomplishments, and reflections for the last year are truly incredible! Sorry we haven’t crossed paths very much this challenge 😦 Glad to see you back, though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lanny. I think that living in the Pacific Coast time zone makes it harder for me to keep up with the Eastern time zone people. By the time I published my slice, you guys are already up and writing the next day post. I always try to read your slices, They are very inspiring. If I don’t say anything is only because I am trying to keep up with reading three other slices and comment on people that probably like me, posts late, and don’t get too much feedback. If you see a like from me, it’s not just an Instagram like. I have read you and enjoyed your slice. Sometimes there are so good that can’t help commenting, and then I realized it’s almost midnight and I have to read two more. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

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