Day 11. Lifeless slice #SOL2020 challenge #SOLC

This is a lifeless slice. It’s almost 10 at night and I feel my body aching. I don’t have the energy to fire up my computer, so I’m lying in bed, fighting with the spell checker of my phone to get thru and write something.

I’m not allow to feel sick, to sneeze or have a runny nose without washing my hands for 20 seconds between sneezes. My knuckles are bleeding of so much hand sanitizer and my knees have broken skin for all the tables, chairs and shelves wiped.

Maybe I am delirious due to fever. Wait! I never get high temperatures.

Do I have to stay home if I have a mild sore throat? Are people going to love me less if I cough on my sleeve? Can I feel less guilty if I call in sick even though I know they won’t find a sub for me?

I think I am ready for spring break.