Day 14. C is for Covid-19: An ABC Slice about a novel virus #sol2020 #solc

Anxiety. All those apps are open in my phone, their notifications are appearing in an alarming short frequency. They don’t let me read my book in peace. I can’t concentrate, I only worry about the present and the future. I am restless, tense, nervous, with a gurgling stomach. Asimov is here.

Believe. When things get hard, we need to think globally, count on our brotherly and sisterly love.

Cough. Every time I cough with a cacophonous sound, people look at me with caution causing a chaos, crossing their finger, saying back off!, thinking inside or whispering, she has the coronavirus disease 2019.

Deadly Disease that is disabling our lives. I just read we have the first death in Oregon. Deepest sympathy for the family. 

Elbowing, the new salutation.

Fever. You feel sick and congested but don’t worry you don’t have fever. Is that true, or just a myth? I have had pneumonia as an adult once and never developed fever. I remember begging the doctor to believe me and demanding her to order an X ray. How can I flatten the curve, otherwise?

Gift Card. I read in a social media post somebody suggesting to buy a gift card from a place that you regularly go but have stopped due to the quarantine. Your yoga place, your local market, your favorite restaurant or your favorite theater group. You will be able to use it later and you will be helping them to make through this surrealistic time.

Hands. Probably now every single kid in the US is learning that washing their hands means 20 minutes and with soap. I hope they also learn that in some countries water is scarce and soap is a luxury.

Isolation. If you are ill you need to be alone, work at home or pretend that you are in an island, feel like Robinson Crusoe.

Job. Will I lose my job if I get infected? How emphatic are being employers and how responsible are being employees?

Kickback. What will happen after everything is over? Will be an ending like in a book or will be like a Netflix series with many seasons?

Leave. Please, leave from our planet as fast as you got in. We don’t want to live in limbo or lock-down perpetually. I just remember Garcia Marquez’ book, Love in the time of cholera.

Mother, I am happy you are in my heart but not living this. Probably, I am selfish because I wouldn’t like to be so far away from you r.i.g.h.t  n.o.w.

Nature. If you start feeling claustrophobic, go and think outside with no technology or box 

Orwellian, surreal, Macondo. Reality supersedes fiction. 

Pandemic. Now I understand why my mom exclaimed when we were children that the house was a pandemonium when the five of us were sick. I feel privilege to live where I live. Nonetheless, I feel powerless.

Quarantine. Quacking won’t help, if you are sick, my suggestion is that you stay in quietude.

Read. Check your sources, debunk myths, don’t spread rumors. 

Spread Solidarity. Hopefully our first self-fish surrealistic reaction leads to solidarity with the people more affected. All the hands sanitizer that you bought yesterday means that somebody couldn’t have one, and will shake hands with your gramma later.

Tissues. I don’t know if I need them to cover my mouth or clean the tears that are falling through my cheeks. How much will cost me the test; will be enough of them for all of us?

Updates. Every 5 minutes I hear a new case in Spain, close to my friends, my town, my previous life.

Viral. This word is not so popular anymore.

Wuhan. The name of this city had brought to the surface the worst racism, fears and conspiracy theories. I just learned a little of geography and how connected we are. WHO, or World Health Organization, do not confuse with The Who.

Xerosis. My hands are so dry. My knuckles are bleeding. One more drop of hand sanitizer and I won’t be able to wash my hands again. Maybe, I am just getting old.

Youth. Probably some of them are a little self centered, more worried that their spring break is ruined, thinking that’s the perfect time to party or travel if classes are cancelled or their employers let them work from home.

Zest. Let’s embrace the situation with enthusiasm, energy and positivism. It’s our opportunity to start thinking of a better world as one.