Day 1: Dreaming in Dewey #SOL2021 Challenge #SOLSC

One year passed, I never wrote again in my blog and Covid is still here. Probably, everything is related or I am just coward to undress my soul.

In any case, as usual I thought the entire day of what to write, since my day was pretty dull, and still my brain is fried. Last November I started working in one of the middle school’s library at the same district. Last year I was in an elementary school.

I received a library with more than 14,000 copies, of which around 1,000 are lost since 2002 and I don’t know why nobody got the guts to delete them of the system. The average year of the collection was 1996, and out of the 14,000 copies, 267 were published after 2015. You don’t have to be very smart to realize that the library has been treated as the landfill of books. Everything was crammed in shelves with little breathing. Good books were screaming to get out and be read. Outdated books were sleeping, hoping somebody take them out of the stretcher, and make some art with them. Transform their misinformation in an abstraction that could be read in a different dimension.

After a month of assessing the situation, apply for a couple of grants, write a collection development policy to support my massive weeding endeavor, and explore eBooks possibilities with no budget, I started the tedious and exhausting task of weeding, and relocating books. The only advantage of a Covid situation is that students were distant learning. Perfect environment for throwing myself into the murky waters. I have been working long hours, putting extra 2 to 3 hours per day, just because I want to get done with it. Students started hybrid learning and I can’t wait to open the library to small groups. Still it’s an old collection, despite my weeding of around 4,000 copies. When I think I am done, more books show up under tables, in unknown corners, back offices I didn’t know exist or unopened drawers.

The obsession and time I have been putting in this project is so intense that a couple of nights ago, I dreamt in Dewey. Yes, people were talking through the Dewey Decimal System. You have to be a librarian or an old library user to understand my dream, but it went like this.

-Where are you going?

-I am going to play 796.352


-Yes, you know the 551.6 was not good yesterday.

-How about you?

-I am going 796.6

-Well, be careful, especially with 625.26 and 629.222

-Did you feed the 636.7?

-Yes, I did, and tonight I will do some 641.5 since afterwards I want to watch a 791.43 about 940.53 on Netflix.

-I am so tired, I think I will read a 094 for a while. If it wasn’t because I am hungry I would think I am preparing a 393 or maybe we live in 154.4.

-I know this is just a 154.6

It wasn’t a nightmare, but it was definitely bizarre. I can’t wait to be done!

I was seriously thinking of moving this book to the 900s
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