Day 3. Honoring Women in the Family #SOL2021 #SOLSC

Last week I started a Latinx Club at the library. We meet every Wednesday. Today we made tie-dye masks and played soccer.

I like to start the sessions always reading something (even when they look at me weirdly while I am holding a picture book). Today I read the book Be You! by Peter H. Reynolds. We did our check-in and introductions by telling to each other the way we felt at that moment if we were an animal. We were sloths, dogs, lions, hungry eagles, hummingbirds, and a couple of animals that students state of mind couldn’t put in words.

Before entering into the tie dyeing session, that I knew it was going to take some time, and probably steal some part of our reflection time, I explained that March was Women History Month. I have left a strip of paper on each desk, and asked students to think about a woman in their family, and write something fun about her or why they like her. At the end of the session I was going to pass them out randomly and do an activity in which they needed to guess from which student’s family was the woman honored. We were caught up in the tie dying and playing soccer. I didn’t want to rush the activity, so probably I will revisit it next week.

What the students wrote is the heart of my slice and the reason why I love what I do.

I admire my tía – dad´s sister because she loves shopping and she inspires me to love the beauty of the world

My aunt Yasman is really nice. She always keeps me and my sister happy.

My mom has two jobs to take care of me and my brother

Lo que me gusta de mi hermana es que es buena conmigo / What I like of my sister is that she is good to me

Mi mamá porque ella trabaja y yo quiero ayudarla / My mom since she works and I want to help her.

Mi abuela Lupe taught me how to speak Spanish.

My great grandma makes good banana bread and I have her hair.

Me gusta mi tía Karin porque me cuida muy bien / I like my aunt Karin because she takes care of me very well.

My younger sister and her ability to be kind after face planting and still being comedic

7 thoughts on “Day 3. Honoring Women in the Family #SOL2021 #SOLSC

  1. Wow, this slice is soup for the soul! What an amazing activity. Your students are so lucky to have you create this space for them and I am so inspired by their words. I was especially struck by this line, “We were sloths, dogs, lions, hungry eagles, hummingbirds, and a couple of animals that students state of mind couldn’t put in words.” which accurately captures all of the animals we are at any one given day.

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    1. Thanks Meg. It’s amazing the connections students can make sometimes. I really like the hungry eagle. It was a girl that arrived telling me that she hasn’t eaten anything that day yet. It was 11 am when she arrived to my group.


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