Day 9: I’m late, I’m late for an important date #SOL2021 #SOLSC

These days my life has become literally the life of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, even when I don’t use a watch anymore. Still in my house we have 4 clocks on our walls. You would laugh if you see the size of our house. I would say they are more of “collective” items.

Returning to the rabbit life, I feel I am always late to write and my posts are becoming a sad exercise of self-pity. Being in the PST, I get three hours robbed, even when I think it is a blessing, otherwise I would be a rabbit with bigger eye bags.

Why am I always writing late? Because I get up at 5 am in the morning, and work until 3 pm but never leave at three. And when I am leaving early, it occurs to me to stop at the Walmart to check if they have something specific for my Latinx Club. Today it was kite’s string. Yes, we were going to make simple paper kites. Probably, it will be an activity after Spring break. The weather turned miserable again, no sign of a warm day perfect for flying kites.

I ended up with a bunch of stuff that I was not looking for. That makes me to stop at Goodwill, just in case. “The just in case” makes me spend another hour trying to find some sort of kite string, and getting distracted with shirts, pants and why not, a used but good book for the library, and other items fun for my students. I didn’t even mention tmy first stop at the public library where I got 22 books, so I start with my students selecting books to buy for our own library.

The story ends with me arriving home around 7:20 pm, carrying a bunch of merchandise in my hands (almost all used), and firing the computer to start writing the slice I thought during my 30 minute drive. After a quick chat with my husband, watching him putting a pizza in the oven, and feeding the dogs, it´s 8 pm, I am staring at my computer, and my phone. I received a text message from the organization I work with translating documents for schools. They only contact me when they are desperate.

Of course the story hatched in my car never jelled. El horno no estaba para bollos.