Day 13: Distraction is in my genes #sol2021 #solsc

Yesterday, a group of teachers from my school organized a trip to the mountains after school, to ski at night. I decided to go, since I am in my radical selfcare mode. Actually, it was a lot of fun. Each person went in separate cars at different time. We all live spread out around Central Oregon, so even if the starting point was the school, our returns were very different.

I was so happy I arrived alone and nobody saw me get prepared for skiing. The last time I skied was in January of last year and before that, probably 12 years ago. The whole renting process was very painful. The young person that was in charge of me looked very skeptical about my skiing abilities, after I couldn’t put my boots on and strap them, despite the fact I have signed the rental papers saying that I was a III class skier.

My first run was very rustic. I didn’t have goggles so my husband lend me his, that fortunately, I could put on top of my progressive glasses. I was really taken by the amazing evening in the mountains. It was a very clear and warm day. The view incredible. It didn’t crossed my mind that my appearance could have been something conspicuous. I was in the middle of filming the 180 degrees of my view, when I heard somebody screaming really loud and nonstop. It was some sort of a background noise that didn’t annoy me, until 5 minutes later that I saw the person from where the screams were coming from. It was the guy in charge of the lift, and he was yelling at me, because I was filming in the middle of the way where people get off the lift.

I sheepishly moved away and went on my first run.

At home, I looked at the photos I took and only when I saw my selfie, I realized how horrible I looked with those goggles. Probably, my aspect was of a wounded vulture flapping my poles going downhill with those big and ugly goggles and my unorthodox skiing style.

I remember my tío Perico and the post I wrote about him on Day 11. I think the distraction of the Alliende family is due to becoming too absorbed in our own thoughts that we get abstracted from reality very easily.