Day 18: The message of my Yogi tea #SOL2021 #SOLSC

I love to read what my Yogi Tea gives me every morning when I prepare a thermos with tea to take to school. It’s not that I believe in all the messages that I get but are a way of thinking about my own behavior. I enjoy reading the Chinese cookies when we order Chinese food, or plug the computer generated I-Ching online when I need guidance to make a decision. I don’t search for the horoscope, but if I come across it, I just read it. Knowing that my husband and son have the same sign as me, and also several other people I know that are 180 degrees opposite to me, doesn’t matter. Messages are just fun to read, even if they are all completely made up.

Today, the note read: “Never regret your mistakes. Admire the courage it took to attempt the unknown“.

After reading it, I paused for a minute before taking off to work. took a sip of coffee and thought about how I related myself to this message. In an instant, it threw me back to around 2012, when I was in my third year working in Spain in a very traditional private school with one owner who happened to be the director, and, which educational values and beliefs were nor completely aligned with mine. We were in a head of departments meeting, and the Academic Director who was new and wanted to shake things up, announced that the school had been bought by a Chinese organization. When I heard the news, I said yes! in my head. Finally things might change. We might meet different people and cultures, and even, maybe, we will get to travel to China! I was thrilled.

With great relish, I paid attention to the other people in the room, I heard gasps in disbelief, words of complains and faces horrified by the news. Everybody started to talk at the same time. Everybody was loud. I was searching for more clues, and becoming emotional to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ok, Ok, Ok. said the Academic Director. Calm down. It’s not true. I told you this pretended news as an example, so you realized how difficult is when we have to do drastic changes.

Now, it was my turn to gasp. No changes. Everything will continue as usual. No trip to China. No meeting different people or learning about other cultures. When the meeting was over, I went to the bathroom and started to cry. Needless to say, the Director of Curriculum was fired right before the next Christmas. At that point, I was not crying, but buried in a big depression.