Day 20: I got up on the wrong side of my bed #SOL2021 #SOLSC

Do you pee with the toilet lid up? Could you, please, put it down after you are done? Here are the things I particularly don’t appreciate. No particular order. Just a stream of consciousness or stupefaction.

As you already figured out, the toilet lid up when I wake up at three o’clock in the morning and I need to go to the bathroom. Particularly dislike the touch feeling of the porcelain in my rear end on a cold winter night.

Cleaning my house, especially when it means using all my Saturday or Sunday, or both doing it, and it has been assigned to me as a default. Particularly, I can’t appreciate cleaning the stove or the already up toilet lid and its surroundings. I have to confess though, that when I am done, I feel very proud and good.

When I meet somebody and after I speak, they ask me Where is that beautiful accent of yours from? Really? Why not being straight forward? I know I have an accent, and I know is thick, and I know it’s not beautiful unless my husband or children said so. Only they can find it cute, weird, funny. You can ask only if you have a genuine interest in getting to know me or spend some time talking to me. If you are just curious because I don’t sound American, even when I am American, just bite your tongue, and move on with your own life.

Bonus point. When I answer politely that I am from Chile and people answer: Really? You don’t look Chilean! and I know that they can’t even place Chile on a map or later in the conversation when I tell them that my first language is Spanish, they say, ooh, I didn’t know that in Chile they spoke Spanish..

When I feel guilty because I haven’t done anything productive during the day. Or feeling guilty all the time with no real cause. Even feeling guilty of writing this slice.

When I discover Buck sitting on top of the sheets that I just took out of the dryer and I was going to fold after writing this slice.

The entire 2017-2021 presidency of the United States. Do I have to elaborate?

Picking up the poop of the living creature that is sleeping on top of my clean laundry, and his fellas from the same specie.

Having supper with the TV on, unless we are watching it purposely.

Arriving late to work or a meeting. On the same vein, having to clock in and clock out and lie about the amount of hours I work when I stay over time.

The state of the health system in the United States that have us all sick and broken.

Gun owners that don’t respect the rights of living and breathing differently, and are forgiven as having “a bad day.”

Making our queen size bed alone (ask my husband, I trained him good on sharing this pet peeve).

Ironing. Fortunately, I don’t iron, period. I don’t think we own an iron, or an ironing board. If we do, I don’t know where they are at.

Lost socks. Or losing things. Where do they go?

Losing money because I paid a bill late. I don’t have a credit card for that very reason.

My husband telling me that I need to get out, or that I should be more positive, or that I should do this and that. Basically telling ME what it’s good for me. He will read this, so probably I shouldn’t even write it because he will tell me that’s not true. hahaha.

Having migraines or the fear of having one or the fear of running out of the medicine that lesser their pain, or the fear of going to the doctor fearing the bill that will lay behind. I am not kidding. I am still paying in installments $1,000 for going to the doctor and asking a prescription for my migraines since I run out of the one I brought from Spain. And I do have a health insurance. I am not cussing because my parents told me that it was unpolite.

The color pink, or wearing red. I like it on other people though.

The flag as a human being or ownership of something that I am not.

The misuse, excess of video games, drugs, or alcohol. I guess I am a control freak and don’t appreciate when things manage my life.

Leaving the house with the feeling I left the stove or the coffee on, and when I return my house will be on fire. Leaving school with the feeling I left the laminator on and the next morning I will be found guilty of arson.

Looking myself in the bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth, and being unable to see my reflection since it’s covered all over with droplets of toothpaste.

Start watching a movie with expectation and realizing that we already watched it.

Picking the wrong checkout aisle at the supermarket when I am late. Opening the bag of oranges I bought in the supermarket and finding two or three of them soft.

Being ungrateful or feeling sad for no reason.

Too late realizing that I chose the wrong outfit for the day. A white blouse when I have to carry dusty books, or a raggedy T-shirt when it’s picture day. The horrendous amount of ugly photos they print of me and leave as a package in my mailbox after picture day.

Enduring the entire work day with pants that are too tight.

The regret that follows after eating an entire bag of nacho chips, or a whole batch of cookies.

Thinking about all my pet peeves. It makes me feel like I am a bad person. Tomorrow, hopefully I wake up on the right side of the bed. I will write about the things I appreciate of life. I promise.

Clean sheets and Buck