Day 31: On a razor edge #sol2021 #solsc

I did it for the third time! This year I did it on a razor edge, though. But I am getting to the end of epic 2021 Slice of Life Story Challenge. It was hard. More difficult than the other two years. While going biking today after work, I reflected about the why it was more difficult. The answer will be probably the same one as many slicers.

My first year, I started the challenge in Spain. I was excited and nervous but I did a lot of things that March of 2019. Also, I was six hours ahead of EST, so I can write leisurely, without worrying of not meeting the deadline. In March 2019, I travelled (ugh, what’s that?) Yes, I took airplanes and visited the US and returned to Spain without a mask. I visited my daughter for her birthday and came to Oregon to explore work possibilities. Many people commented in my blog, especially my three welcome wagon volunteers. That was really sweet and amazing. The encouragement felt great and we establish genuine dialogs.

My second year, I was 8 months back in the US working in a new school, and on day 12 we went into lockdown. I had lots of time to write but probably not the peace of mind. Still Covid was new and we commiserated together our fears and writing about Covid was OK since it was the only thing around us. Comments were of support and hope.

My third year, now, found me working full in site from 6:30 am to 3 pm or later (let’s say it, later. Period) Now, I tried not to write too much about Covid, we are all tired of the abominable virus and all the protocols to avoid it. Still it permeated the atmosphere. Working glued to the computer and returning home to continue glued to it was not very appealing. If the weather was nice, it was much more attractive to go for a hike, a ride or just read a book or binge a Netflix Series (the last was Who killed Sarah? in three days).

As Sally Donnelly expressed it so eloquent in her blog post, we are all tired of our screen-time, our own bubble, and isolation. I caught myself whining a lot, especially about the EST deadline and lack of comments. It would be fun if next year we can be secret commentators. Each person get assigned randomly another slicer and they visit that blog author regularly and comment on their slice. They don’t know who is the secret commentator, they will know their name and might suspect especially if it’s the only person that comments but that way we all get to support another person every day. For me, the oral comments of my husband were super important to keep it up.

The slices that I thought harder, were the less visited, and the ones done in quickly with no substance, were more seen. I felt a little shy. Nonetheless, I am shameless. The perks of not been read widely hahaha. There were actual moments that I wished nobody read me. Still, I crave for comments but I didn’t want to plan my slices, or write them all at once and then put them in the calendar. For me, it was important that the exercise was done withing the boundaries of each day (Even though I felt 3 hours were stolen from me hahaha. I am very obsessive. Covid is enhancing my dark side).

This year I felt like one of those students that they see the incentive so far from their realm that they throw in the towel. I was on the verge but didn’t because I am stubborn and might enjoy living on a razor edge. Sometimes.

Riding my bike helps me find my balance