April, National Poetry Month #SOLTuesday

Today is SOL Tueday, and I am so happy I can share something!

At my school, I challenged all students and staff to do the activity Poets ask, EGMS Huskies respond. We draw two students and one staff each week. Students receive a poetry book or a novel in verse and a congratulation card and staff receive Spanish hand painted ceramic graciously donated by GringoCool.

Since I can’t compete I decided to write a poem to encourage students to return late books to the library. Bear with me. I have never been very good at writing poems.

Update: Today I read the poem through the Intercom, and it was quite an experience. I think if I weren’t a librarian, I would have loved to have a radio program.

What’s stopping you from coming to the library?

by Pia Alliende

What’s stopping you from coming to the library?
It’s a book owed at your former elementary?
Or a late returned fee
or a book covered with pee?

Do you have books under your bed
since the start of the pandemic?
Listen, we’re not going to be polemic
Just bring them in
to give another reader a chance
since it’s not a deadly sin.
Your librarian doesn’t bark,
scream or shush

If you find books from ANY type of library,
(and I mean ANY)
Just bring them in a hurry
no need to blush or get your eyes blurry.
You will get a rolly rancher
For every book that passes the scanner.

Librarians around the world will be rejoice
that you made a good choice
and their books can start to be read,
returned, read returned again and again.

Just say something if they are lost
or somebody had them tossed
We can work out the cost.

Your late fines have been deleted
but most important than that
is that at your library we are committed
Your voice matters and is essential
and at the library we will keep it

¿Qué te impide venir a la biblioteca?

por Pia Alliende

¿Qué te impide venir a la biblioteca?
¿Es un libro que debes en tu antigua primaria?
O una deuda que tienes por devolución tardía
o un libro cubierto de pis?

¿Tienes libros debajo de tu cama?
desde el inicio de la pandemia?
Escucha, no vamos a ser polémicos
Solo tráelos
para darle una oportunidad a otro lector o lectora
ya que no es un pecado mortal.
Tu bibliotecaria no ladra,
grita o te hace callar

Si encuentras libros de CUALQUIER tipo de biblioteca,
(y me refiero a CUALQUIERA)
Solo tráelos de prisa
no es necesario sonrojarse o desgarrar tu camisa.
Recibirás un rolly rancher
Por cada libro que pase el scanner
Los bibliotecarios y bibliotecarias de todo el mundo se regocijarán
Y tu buena elección honrarán
ya que sus libros volverán a leerse, devolver, leerse y devolver una y otra vez.

Solo di algo si están perdidos
o alguien los tiró con un berrido
Podemos aminorar el costo.

Se han eliminado tus multas tardías
pero más importante que eso
es que en tu biblioteca estamos contigo
Tu voz importa y es fundamental
y lo guardaremos
como algo confidencial

Prizes for the winners each week: A card and a book