Day 0 – July 14th

Departing to Oporto from Atocha to the airport. Zero problem with Ryanair despite all the terror stories about a several days strike.

Dropped backpack at the Albergue de Peregrinos and went to wander 12.6 miles around Porto until 6 pm. I haven’t even started El Camino and I’m already exhausted hahaha. Actually, I am still recovering from the heavy migraine I got due to the jet lag. Yesterday I couldn’t even get up, so I consider it a win. My apologies for the amount of photos, but Porto is too cool.

I had tickets for Librería Lello which was in the Harry Potter movies. It disappointed me a little bit, maybe because of the amount of people taking very posed photos who probably barely read a book, the quality of the books they sell or the size of the building. I have to confess though, that still the stairs are really awesome.

The albergue is super nice and after crashing for 1.5 hours now it’s midnight and can’t sleep. The jet lag is serious. I downloaded the app Camino Ninja which will serve me good.

One of the volunteers at the albergue gave me some tips that I don’t know if the gave me hope or terrorized me. The only way of knowing is by starting the walk.

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