Day 2 July 16th Lebruge – Vila do Conde – 7 miles plus 8 miles

Today I walked more in town than between Lebruge and Vila do Conde. 15 miles aprox I had breakfast with my peregrina friend and started walking around 8:30 am. I forgot to start Strava and realized it was not recording only the last mile. It was around 7 miles between towns. I arrived at Vila do Conde at 11am, so I had 4 hours to kill. Mercedes continued to the next town since I was going to take a detour and continue the rest of the way via Camino Central. I heard it’s more picturesque and less touristic. We will see. I hope it’s not too hot.
Supposedly today was a day of rest, but what do you do when you need to wait 4 hours? I rested for an hour in front of the Iglesia Matriz and witnessed a wedding. I almost gave them my phone number since I got very candid shots of their wedding.
I went up to Monasterio de Las Claras, saw the cemetery and an aqueduct that I need to follow tomorrow for 3 miles. I walked along the Ave river and downtown. I got cash and materials for a sandwich and finally the albergue was open. Signed in, dropped my stuff, went to the beach and now I’m exhausted. Good thing it was going to be a “resting” day. It seems my body was born to move and suffer (in a good way 😉 In sum, I walked 14 miles today, not 7. I’m impressed of how much you can walk around a small city (needless to say in a large one).

This paragraph is part of a WhatsApp I sent to my family: Estoy feliz con la mochila que ahora solo pesa 7 kilos (around 14 pounds) and left behind 4 kilos (8 pounds) that were killing me slowly (or very rapidly). Anyway, now I’m going to the beach. It’s pretty sunny and hot. I will soak myself in the ocean, take a shower and plan my way to connect to Camino Central. I think El Camino litoral is nice but not very varied. El Central is more uncertain since towns are smaller and not catering for so much tourism but Peregrinos. I hope it’s not too hot. I’m excited