Day 4 July 18 – Barcelinhos to Corgo with detour to Santuario de la Aparecida – 16.15 miles

This is the right amount of miles to walk. I have even the luxury to take a detour to El Santuario de la Aparecida. The legend says that the Virgin Mary show up to a muted and disabled person called Joao and he started talking. In the chapel it’s a tunnel with a boulder that you need to cross. If you can’t you need to return and work on your sins. I crossed with my backpack on my knees. I wasn’t returning hahaha. In Corgo I stayed at Casa do Fernanda y Jacinto. A very nice couple that offers albergue to Peregrinos since 2002. She is very warm and welcoming and offered us an amazing supper. Jacinto prepared breakfast for 8 of us the next morning. He is an eye doctor that have been many times in Africa to help with his knowledge. The place is very comfy with dogs, chicken, cats ducks and an awesome vegetable garden that was part of our meal. We need more Jacintos and Fernanda’s in this world.