Day 5 July 19th – Corgo to Labruja, 18 miles

Breakfast, chapel, bathroom, rain, poncho, thankful, tears, joy, hunger, rest, ponte d we Lima, checs, uphills and downhills, Oasis, carbonara, heat, tired, Casa da Valada. La Bruja llegó a Labruja.

La Bruja llegó a labruja with two stops: one in Ponte de Lima to see the city and another 3 miles before Labruja at 3 pm in albergue Oasis to eat Carbonara and rest. I don’t know why I was so hungry.
I started after a succulent breakfast at Casa do Fernanda. Her husband, Jacinto prepared breakfast for the 8 of us staying at their place:2 italians-Nicole and Diana; 4 from Checoslovaquia-Ana, Johanna, Teresa and Maketa (sp?). The latter was a nun; a German from Munich and I . We all ate quite a bit. I even took 2 sandwiches for the road and 2 oranges (I lost one 🙂
First 5 k were amazing. I felt like the sky was protecting me. I had an urge to go to the bathroom (and always do) but this time I was going to poop my pants, hahaha. I was walking very uncomfortable especially because it was in a little town, not even a chance to hide in the bushes behind the vineyards. And voilá, a Chapel showed up. And next to the chapel the cleanest and emptiest bathrooms I have ever seen, and they were unlocked! I’m not going to enter into details of my experience in the bathroom besides the fact I found a a little Buda on the window.
I also replenished my water bottle. I started to walk again when I felt some droplets from the sky. Sure enough, the rain announced last night decided to show up at 9 am. Probably it was due that yesterday we didn’t eat all the food that Fernanda offered us. Sophie told us that it was a German saying that if you don’t eat everything on the table the next day will rain. We joked about that last night, but we all ate quite a bit.
And now the saying as promised got fulfilled. I decided to take my super duper poncho, that made me look like little red hunchback from the hood. I started to walk so happy. As if all stars were aligned. It was downhill, and at every step my soul felt better and better. The bathroom, the rain, my poncho, the beautiful country side, I couldn’t feel more thankful. And I started to cry. But of happiness. I don’t think I have felt so grateful in many years. I felt like something was healing inside of me, and that I can have hope on myself. When I send the photo of me with my poncho to my family in Whatsapp, Steve told me that I looked happy. Little he knew that the camera captured my very reality,  I was feeling super happy and thankful at that point.

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