Day 13. We all saw it coming…our school is closed #sol2020 challenge #solc

I went to school this morning knowing it was my last day for two weeks. Fortunately, it was a teacher’s prep day for conferences that were not going to happen. I clock in and clock out my most productive 8 hours ever. The school was quiet, I chatted briefly with some people, and two teachers gave me wipes for 30 chrome books I have in the library. I put my Random likes list from Spotify on the big speakers, and started obediently the orders of the email of the director of facilities with the subject, Please Prepare for Building Disinfection . I needed to be out of the school at 4 pm.

I went through my mental to do list, wrote and sent several pending emails to vendors, to follow up a complain about a wrong orders, to librarians at the public library, and responded to a similar amount. I distributed books pending to teachers, watered the plants, reshelved books, cleared surfaces, and did the most important thing of all: Cleaned the chromebooks that needed to be cleaned with or without Covid 19. They were literally gross.

I turned off the lights of the library at 4:20 pm and loaded my car with all the things I wanted to do during this quarantine: prepare a mock Battle of the Books for third graders, set up a computer for self-check out, cataloging pending books, putting covers to picture books (I just realized I forgot the covers), adapt for elementary students a great lesson by Miranda Doyle, on corona virus myths:”Stop the Spread of Coronavirus Rumors“, finally read the book Storytelling Strategies for reaching and teaching children with special needs edited by Sherry Norfolk and Lyn Ford, and of course write better slices of life for the March Challenge and go for multiple bike rides. Probably, I will return to school with one fifth of the things accomplished. I might sleep and procrastinate more than what I wanted. Still, I like to dream. This time I promise, I won’t feel guilty for not getting anything done. I will just try to take care of myself by reading, writing, and biking.

Note to myself: I need to make a notification in my calendar to clean the chromebooks more often and never, ever get them in white.